Services: Frequently Asked Questions

Why Jiffy Rooter?

Jiffy Rooter is a drain cleaning company specializing in providing affordable, same day attention for drain cleaning, clogged commodes, pipe cleaning, and sewer cleaning in Evansville, IN and surrounding communities. Experiencing a drainage problem? Want to be proactive in maintaining the health of your plumbing? Call Jiffy Rooter today and we’ll send a drain cleaning specialist to your door at a time convenient for you. You’ll be happy to know we provide our expertise based on flat rates with NO hidden fees. For peace of mind, weekend service and off-hour emergency services are available by appointment.

Drain Cleaning Why’s, When’s & Where’s

Why should you have your drains cleaned?

Did you know that since the dawn of civilized time, more lives have been saved because of plumbers than because of doctors? It’s because of the systems plumbers install. Your waste system is designed and installed to carry away… well, WASTE. If your system drains poorly, the chance for the build-up of bacteria and pathogens increases. Don’t put up with clogged drains, or even slow drains, as your health could be at risk. Call Jiffy Rooter and make an appointment.

When should you have your drains cleaned?

It’s obvious if you have a clogged sink, clogged tub, or clogged commode because that specific fixtures might be “backed up.” If you have a clogged drain, depending on where that clog is, multiple fixtures might be “backed up.” Less obvious symptoms are  “gurgling” noises in your tub, sink, toilet, or laundry line. That means there is a blockage, or at least a partial blockage, somewhere in your system. If you experience any of these things, it’s time to call Jiffy Rooter Drain Cleaning Service.

Where should drains be cleaned to flow freely?

In your home. At your office. At your favorite restaurant. EVERYWHERE. If you notice any of the above symptoms anywhere, you should notify someone that they are in need of drain cleaning. Diseases such as hepatitis, salmonella, meningitis and giardia caused by waste bacteria and pathogens do not discriminate. Anywhere there is a clogged drain, the people around it are at risk.

Plumbing services, too!

Jiffy Rooter is a drain cleaning service that can handle your plumbing needs, as well. We can service your plumbing ranging from residential to industrial. We have the resources to not only take care of your sewer and drain cleaning, but also all your plumbing needs from new construction to installation, repair or replacement of any of your plumbing fixtures or piping.

Drain cleaning maintenance

Sometimes drains just become inundated with grease, debris build-up and/or roots. Many years ago, sewer drains were installed using cast iron inside the home or building, and vitreous clay outside. Over time, cast iron becomes rough inside, inhibiting flow, and the clay outside sometimes allows roots from surrounding trees and shrubs to infiltrate the line, blocking flow. Many home and business owners set it up with Jiffy Rooter to come and clean their lines on a regular basis. A good time for this is just before the holidays to be sure everything flows well and that there will be no issues when friends and family come to visit. If you know your plumbing drain lines become clogged regularly, just call Jiffy Rooter for regularly scheduled sewer and drain cleaning. We can put you on whatever schedule suits you best for your drain cleaning service needs.

Examples of debris build-up in cast iron lines.

Examples of foreign objects causing clogs.

Here is a new one for Jiffy Rooter, a “matchbox car” blockage in a tub drain!
Here is a new one for Jiffy Rooter, a “matchbox car” blockage in a tub drain!

Your Jiffy Rooter Guarantee

We guarantee your line will flow well after we’ve cleaned it due to root blockage for a period of one year. Sorry, but we cannot guarantee lines to flow in a system that is damaged or failed in some way, and we also cannot warranty our work from items placed in the line irregularly (excessive toilet tissue, wipes, toys, towels, etc.) as we cannot control these two things. However, Jiffy Rooter reserves the right to determine the cause of repeated failure, and shall at its discretion warranty the cleaning work based on evidence gathered on site.

Jiffy Rooter has been locally owned and operated in the Evansville area since 1967. Just give us a call and we’ll clean your drains in a JIFFY!